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My name is MJ. And I solve problems. I am a passionate doer. I work to facilitate the collision of opportunity and potential as I pursue my mission to live life on purpose. I love numbers and data. I care deeply about social impact, education, youth, the elderly, and making life beautiful. Most know me as MJ, 2 know me as sister, few know me as friend, dozens know me as  peer, and a beautiful group have known me as boss. My hope however is that most know me as honest, kind, and giving. I truly believe our time on this planet is a privilege and I am committed to doing as much meaningful work as I can while I'm privileged enough to call this earth home. 

I am always open to new challenges and opportunities. If you've got something interesting with some problems that need to be solved please feel free to drop me a line.



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Speaking engagements


Creative Pathways Panel, Speaker; Brown University Creative Council, Providence, RI,  2018

Social Entrepreneurship Panel, Speaker; Conscious Conversation,              Nashville, TN,  2017

International Women's Day Panel, Speaker + Workshop Leader; Lincoln School, Providence, RI, 2017









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muay thai boxing

sewing/fashion design

music (i like most music but i love jazz, soul, and classical)

reading (currently reading Becoming (michelle obama) + the sun + her flowers (rupi kaur)

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